Jordan was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night (April 21) to talk about his upcoming movies, ‘Fantastic Four‘ & ‘Creed‘, he also talk about Michael Jordan. Check some parts of the interview below:

20th Century Fox production has revealed the brand-new trailer for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, check out in the player below!

I’ve updated the gallery with new production stills from ‘Fantastic Four‘ & ‘Creed‘. Check them out in the gallery below!

I’ve finally added photos of Michael attending the MTV Movie Awards with his Fantastic Four co-stars to the gallery. Much thanks to Jasper for the help.

Check out the new Fantastic Four featurettes Fox just unveiled on Twitter. They feature Trank and writer-producer Simon Kinberg discussing why Teller, Jordan, Bell and Mara were the best choices for the roles. You can see the other three featurettes here.

Fantastic Four is due in theaters on August 7th.


A new international trailer for “Fantastic Four” teases something the domestic trailer didn’t reveal. The never-before-seen footage offers a sneak peek of Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) and Sue Storm/Invisible Girl (Kate Mara) in flight.
Released by 20th Century Fox Japan, the teaser also briefly shows Thing breaking out of the ground and Mr. Fantastic throwing out his arm. Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot hits theaters on August 7. It also stars Miles Teller and Jamie Bell.


Once again, Michael recreate another famous scene of Rocky, this time, both filmed where they climb up the 72-stone-step entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Much thanks to Gabby & Kikky for the photos.


I’ve uploaded new photos of Michael and Stallone shooting scenes for “Creed”, where they recreate the famous Rocky II scene on his new film. Much thanks to my dearest friends Gabby & Kikky, owners of Paul Bettany Network & Darren Criss Web, for the help.

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I updated the gallery with the first image stills, poster and behind the scenes photo of Michael’s movie “Fantastic Four”.


Thanks to Helen, we have photos of Michael shooting scenes with Sylvester Stallone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for his new film, “Creed”, also most pics was replaced for HQ versions. Take a look to the gallery.